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Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint
Bunion Fixed - Relief & Correction Splint

Bunion Fixed Splint

Bunion Hurts? Make Them Better in 30 Days Without Surgery

Helps with: 

  • Walking, standing and sleeping without pain
  • Stops bunions from getting worse so no surgery
  • Retrains muscles to slowly reverse the bunion
Check Avaliability >> Check Avaliability >> 

Order now to also get:
- Free Bunion Exercises Strap (valued at $4.95)
- Free 'Bunion Health' eBook (valued at $19.95) 

"I was told by my doctor I needed surgery. But I tried the Bunion Fixed from Bye Bunions instead. After 1 month my bunion pain was way less! It really helped." - Jen D. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Real Results.... in 30 Days

37 people with bunions aged 40+ were tested over a period of 30 days.

Be careful of cheap knockoffs without any real proof.


The Bunion Fixed IS NOT for you if...

  • You think only surgery fixes bunions:

    False! Studies like this 2021 one show splints that realign toes do help bunions and foot pain.

    Link to Study:
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself:

    Bunions need daily care over time to reverse years of damage.

    You must use the Bunion Fixed 30+ minutes daily.
  • You don’t want to try everything before surgery:

    Doctors always recommend surgery as a last choice. 

    Why? Because it's a serious and risky procedure.

    That means you MUST try all other options first.
  • You want instant results:

    Surgery is the fast option. But non-surgical solutions take time.

    86% see improvement at 1 month. 93% feel relief on the first use.

The Bunion Fixed IS for you if...

  • You want to avoid RISKY surgery:

    Surgery cuts pieces of your toe and uses screws to hold everything together.
  • You want to save THOUSANDS of dollars:

    Bunion surgery costs between $4000 - $12000 and is not always covered by insurance.
  • You don’t want a long, painful 3 month recovery:

    Involves painkillers, crutches, therapy, and calling off work for months.
  • You don’t want a SECOND surgery: 

    Bunion surgery fails 25% of the time, requiring another painful, expensive round.

You Are Just One Moment Away From Being FREE of Bunion Discomfort

If you’re reading this, your bunions likely hurt a lot...

So it’s hard to do daily things....

If left untreated, bunions can get worse... 

The toes overlap...

You may get hammertoes and bone spurs....

Sadly, bunions won’t improve on their own.

Over time, this causes serious problems like surgery, pain pills or even trouble walking.

Using proven therapy and a special hinge,

the Bunion Fixed helps bunion pain and makes feet healthier...

And all it takes is just 30 minutes of use a day.

How Does It Work?

The Bunion Fixed uses special muscle therapy... 

It uses a powerful hinge to realign the toe and improve swelling. 

What does this do? 

This stretches the tight muscles by pulling your bunion back where it should be.

Over time, this straightens your toe joint naturally without pain...

while releasing the harmful pressure inside.

This makes the bunion smaller, hurt less, and keeps it from getting worse...

So you can stand tall without pain.

Some folks may need a couple tries to get used to it since it feels more intense than other things... 

But it’s a natural, non-invasive way to get your toe and foot back in the right place...

That reverses damage from narrow shoes...

Whether it’s a child’s foot or a giant adult size 13...

The Bunion Fixed fits comfortably.




Easy to Use

We suggest starting with 30 minutes a day...

Slowly build up from there to 1-3 hours...

Once comfortable, you can start wearing it overnight as you sleep...

Use it while staying still...

Like when you're:
- Lounging on the couch
- Watching TV
- Reading
- Sleeping


Reason #1

Walk Without Discomfort 

“I'm a teacher and felt foot pain from walking. After 20-30 minutes at night, my bunion pain is way less throughout the day and I can walk easy!" - Samantha L.

Reason #2

Rest Without Discomfort 

"I can finally lie in bed without pain. I used to wake up with bad pains at night and now they are almost all gone." - Amber K.

Reason #3

Prevents Further Growth 

"I had left foot surgery but the toe is bending in again. They stop that when I use them after 8 hours of work standing." – Jacqueline C.

Reason #4

Non-Surgical Procedure  

"I'm so happy I tried these before picking surgery. After using them for months, my bunion size shrank and pain dropped a lot! Try this before painful surgery." - Kimberly F.

Reason #5

Firm Joint Realignment 

"Nothing else compares. This stretch is tougher so you feel it working. First I felt discomfort but I got used to them. So worth the life changing relief!" – Clarisa B.

Reason #6

Gradually Improve the Condition 

"I just got bunions but doubted these would work. But after 3 weeks of use my bunions started shrinking. By week 6 my feet looked normal again!" - James L.

Reason #7

doctor copy.jpg__PID:327d99ff-9825-44a5-8e0e-5b4cf19baaa0

Designed & Recommended By Medical Professionals

Foot pros and physical therapists fully tested and endorse the Bunion Fixed for lowering pain, slowing growth and slowly improving bunions over time.

90Day copy.jpg__PID:a770c3a6-9f98-4137-aa48-726186510b9b

90-DAY 'Results or It's FREE' Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure this works that we give a 90 day money back promise.

It starts only when you get it, not when you order.

That means if for any reason at all you don’t get results, feel relief, don’t like the color - anything! - we’ll refund all your money.

And you keep the product too!

No returns necessary! 

We know buying online makes people nervous.

So we want you to know there’s zero risk to try this.

If you don’t like it, no hard feelings!

Just contact us and we’ll make it right.

To get all your money back, simply email our friendly team at

We offer 24/7 support online if you ever need assistance!

Check Avaliability >>

Don't fall for cheap knock-offs

How Bunion Fixed Compares to Others:

Clinical Proof (5).webp__PID:48c0a0d4-f4ab-4f41-9415-d57bf908fffc

Effectiveness of Nonsurgical Interventions for Hallux Valgus (Bunions): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Results from 8 studies showed a significant pain reduction with the use of foot orthoses, night splints, dynamic splints.

Four studies reported a clinically significant reduction in HV angle with night splints.

Sheree E Hurn, Barry G Matthews, Shannon E Munteanu, Hylton B Menz from

Order today & get our $19 bunion relief eBook for free

Usually sold separately for $19, our eBook includes 4 exercises to alleviate bunion discomfort at home, and comes free with all orders placed today.

Each order also includes a simple instruction manual on how to use the Bunion Fixed

Helps All Stages of Bunions

Bye Bunions worked 2 years with foot doctors to make the Bunion Fixed.

It is proven to help bunions at any stage like:

Frequently Asked Questions

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